Sean & Sheryl / Fort Worth Photography

Driving down a long highway road, the sounds of Future Forestry compose a fitting soundtrack for our weekend road trip. We’ve set out on this adventure with one purpose: to capture the unique beauty and richness of Sean and Sheryl’s relationship. We’ve chosen the backdrop for this shoot as possum’s kingdom, the lake house down the road from the summer camp Sheryl was a part of for over 10 years. We turn onto Upham Rd. at the Sand Bar and wave at Nancy and James Handy, our awesome weekend neighbors. Being at the lake house takes us back to retro design, VHS tapes, and black Bart the pirate, but we step outside and the sunsets bring a beauty that is timeless.

We scout out good locations and start shooting amidst what feels like a California day. Taking pictures of Sean and Sheryl feels like hanging out with old friends…mainly because we are. I’ve lived life with both Sean and Sheryl in varying capacities ever since they first embarked on the beginning of their story over 5 years ago. Their history is seasoned with Baylor tradition, visits to the Big Apple, and many members of the Bonow family (a family all 3 of us have lived with at different times over the years!) There is something epic about getting to photograph people whose story you feel so connected to. As I look at my friends, I’m amazed at the choices they have made to bring them to where they are now. Sean is a man of his beliefs. He lives from his convictions. His integrity and faithfulness has made their relationship a solid place that is consistent and safe. Sheryl is someone that anyone can feel comfortable around. She sets everyone at ease and loves those around her so well. She is so comfortable with herself that she is able to put honor on others so well and so consistently. Together, their impact is found in the way they represent the character of Jesus. They are leaving a legacy of purity, honor, and love for their families and those that come behind them.

After a day of shooting at Possum Kingdom, we head to Fort Worth to finish up with a few last city shots, but not before a stop in Weatherford for lunch. We spend some interesting time at Skinny’s where I order  possibly the hugest burger I’ve ever laid eyes on (the “fat burger” with fried pickles!) We return to Waco well fed and refreshed after getting to spend a great weekend with friends. Sean and Sheryl, hey that was pretty NEAT!

  • Denise Corley - These are so special. I loved the commentary that went with it. Thank you Jeff!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - Umm…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I can say right now. Maybe after I have looked at them for the fiftieth time, I will write something more reflective. That was just my first reaction. Great job again Jeff! and way to be beautiful Sheryl!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Johnson - TEEEEEE! So perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Robert Corley - What a wonderful couple! These pictures capture their personality.ReplyCancel

  • Sherry Corley - Jeff did a marvelous job capturing the love in Sean & Sheryl’s eyes. The variety of background were great shots as well. I look forward to seeing Sean again & meeting Sheryl. God Bless you both.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Sheryl and Sean these pictures are beautiful i’m so happy for you sis.
    love always,
    Rachel RobertsReplyCancel

  • Anna - oh my!!!! is this for real?! they are all so wonderful!!!! Especially 2, 5, 6, 9,and 20!! those are my favs!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Brenda Jones - These are absolutely the best. The lighting, the story, etc…..they are beyond epic!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sheryl - Wow! Jeff you did an AWESOME job!!! These were well worth waiting the 36 hours to get to see. We loved working with you and we are encouraged by your sweet words.ReplyCancel

  • Samuel Roberts - To my sister, my brother in law, and my brother in law’s friend.
    All these pictures are beautiful and full of meaning. We are forever grateful to have Sean apart of our family.
    ps. Jeff i plan on coming to you for pictures when i get married. hope your still taking pictures 😛ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Logan - Oh my gosh…Sheryl! How can you be absolutely gorgeous in every single picture? Seriously…STUNNING!!! I also love all your outfits & boots – woohoo!!! LOVE these pictures! Great job, Jeff, though we’ve never met!ReplyCancel

  • Garlene Corley Shelton - Sean and Sheryl the pictures were amazing and just a prelude of the wonderful life you guys have ahead of you. God bless.ReplyCancel

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