{Alaina+Dustin Married} Tyler Wedding Photography

Wow last wedding of the summer.

It has been a great summer. I have really enjoyed shooting my friends weddings all over the nation! I am thankful for all my clients! For those who dont know, I will be moving to Knoxville this Sunday to be the college pastor at Antioch Community Church. It’s crazy knowing that this Texas chapter is coming to close, but I am excited about what Jesus has in store next in Tennessee. Pray with me and believe for students’ lives to be transformed by encountering the person of Jesus and being rocked by his Kingdom.

I love knowing Dustin and Alaina’s stories in coming to know Jesus, and I pray that it would be the same for the students of Univeristy of Tennessee. Alaina came to college not knowing the love of God. She was invited to a small group where people started worshiping and praying. Alaina began to realize that she doesn’t know the love of God like everyone else in the same room. She began to cry, longing for the same love that the people were encountering. Through encountering the Father’s love she gave her life to Jesus that night! She has become a woman of God who is marked by purity, grace, and joy. Dustin lost his dad when he was younger, but he has known God as his good Father and in turn, fathers other people well. I know he will lead Alaina and their children well because he finds his source from Jesus.