{Sara+Jeff} Knoxville Engagement Photography

Sara and I are getting married August 1st! I can’t wait to marry this incredible radiant woman. So you are not confused, these pictures aren’t our engagements. We had to create a website for our wedding. And we didn’t have any pictures of us, because we haven’t taken our engagement pictures yet. So, For date […]


{Leigh + Blake} Phoenix Engagement Photography

Phoenix has to be one of the coolest cities in the United States! But not as cool and amazing like this couple! Blake is a dear friend of mine and a stud! And Leigh is quite amazing, if not better than what I have been told by Blake! Since I have moved from Texas I […]


{2012 Recap} Jeff Jones Photography

What a year it has been! I cant wait to start shooting more in 2013! Heres to 2012 you have been good to me! 2013, come at me!

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